Sunday, May 8, 2011


To all you moms out there…Happy Mother’s Day! 
I am very lucky to have the mom I have.  She is the best mom she could ever be and she is my best friend.  I could sit here and write about our stories together for hours so I decided I am going to do a Top 10 THINGS I LOVE ABOUT MY MOM…so here we go…
1.   I love that she is so creative…she can never just wrap a present and give it to someone.  No, she has to go and find the cutest paper and ribbon and create a package that looks it should be under a tree in Nordstrom’s.  Let’s just say that all my school projects always looked the best and out shined everyone else’s!

2.   Once a year my mom and I take a trip together…this year will be our 4th year in a row…I love the time together for us to make new memories.  My time with her means the world to me!  Ps…I love my husband too for letting us take those trips together!

3.   I love that we can laugh at anything!  I love it the most when we are laughing so hard that it is one of those silent laughs and you can’t move or breath and then your stomach is in so much pain afterwards…those are the best!

4.   I love that when times are tough or I am sad that she is one of the first people I WANT to call.  She always makes me feel better no matter what and brings me back to reality.

5.   This is a weird one, but I love that when we are fighting and screaming at each other (and trust me, we can get loud) that it is over in 5 minutes and we are laughing again.  I remember one time my husband heard us fighting and then laughing and he looked at me and said “How do you go from one extreme to the next?”  It is just how we are!

6.   I love that she loves my friends…that too this day she still loves talking to them and seeing their babies. 

7.   I love her LOVE for God and how she always reminds me of the TRUTH.  And I can call her if I need some wisdom or advice.

8.   I appreciate her for being so involved with my brother and I as kids…always the one to take us the doctors, dentists, cheerleading practices, schools sports, and the list is endless! 

9.   I love her for always loving us.  We were and still are always were told “I love you” million times a day and there were and are always endless hugs and kisses.  I never felt that I was unloved by my mom!

10.  And last, I LOVE that my mom loves my husband and that they have such a great relationship.  The 3 of us have some great memories…skydiving, trying new restaurants, white water rafting (our family was there for that one), holidays and so much more!

Happy Mother’s Day mom!  Thank you for always being there and always supporting me! 
I hope every mom out there feels the LOVE today!

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