Monday, September 19, 2011

Once upon a Crimson night...MY EMMY RED CARPET REVIEW!

Was it just me last night or were you also see RED all over the Emmy Red Carpet?  Watching the red carpet of any award show is always a favorite past time of mine. This year, I loved seeing the different shades of red…very old Hollywood.  Here are some of my favorite REDS that I was loving last night….

I have been all over the entertainment news this morning looking at all the dresses and some of my all time non-red favorites were….
Heidi…at first I wasn’t sure about this dress and then I kept looking at it and decided I loved it, especially after I found out it was made by Christian Siriano (I love his work).  And I love this color against Heidi's skin.
Jennifer…this was her first red carpet appearance since her split with husband and Dexter co-star, Michael C. Hall…and I think she looked STUNNING in this Tony Ward sequined dress.  Love the neckline, color and slit down the dress.
Kelly…I loved Kelly in this burgundy J. Mendel gown.  I think it showed off her figure and color was amazing for her skin tone.  I also loved her hair and makeup!
Sofia…This dress was one of my all time favs…love the shape and the color but most of all I was drooling over her earrings!!!  She has such an amazing shape, she looks good in anything but really picked a winner in this Vera Wang gown!
Now to my personal WORST dress…

Paula…at first I thought it was just a bad camera shot, then throughout the night I noticed it was intentional…the top of her dress is crooked.  And when she was on the podium with Ryan Seacrest, I was wondering what she had been drinking.  She just can’t get it right.
Gwyneth…I think if this dress had been once piece throughout and not have the mid section, I would have loved it. I love the top and the bottom…the middle part just isn’t doing it for me.
Dianne…I feel she is too young for this dress…right when I saw it I thought it would look beautiful on Julianne Moore, but on Dianne, it does nothing for her body.
Julianna…my oh my…this morning when I woke up and started looking at other blogs it seems that this dress is a big hit.  Not my cup of tea…what is with the big crystals on her top and then it is too tight on the bottom with way too much fabric.  From the look of it, it needs to be 2 inches shorter.  I would trip on that in a heartbeat.
NOW one of my all time favorites and unfortunately I did not see her make it on TV…Kandee Johnson!  I mention her on my Facebook and even in my blogs…she is one of my biggest inspirations!  And last night she attended the Emmys and walked the Red Carpet…in Kandee style!  I love her style and her so much!

Who was on your BEST and WORST dressed lists?
I am looking forward to this year’s award season and cannot wait to see what the stars will be wearing at the Oscars!