Tuesday, October 25, 2011

IVF, Miscarriage and Moving On...

Last March, I wrote a blog called “No Babies for ME?.” http://annastinamakeupartist.blogspot.com/2011/03/no-babies-for-me.html 
It was probably the toughest blog that I have written to this day.  I have been going back and forth whether to write this blog and if I do…what direction do I want to take it.  “No Babies for ME?” was about my journey of having a baby…the complications my husband and I have had and trying to deal with it emotionally and physically. 
The reason I have been so quite lately and have not been blogging is because I started the IVF process.  In Vitro Fertilization is commonly referred to as IVF. IVF is the process of fertilization by manually combining an egg and sperm in a laboratory dish. When the IVF procedure is successful, the process is combined with a procedure known as embryo transfer, which is used to physically place the embryo in the uterus.  http://www.americanpregnancy.org/infertility/ivf.html
I have done the IUI process (Google IUI for more information) before, but never the IVF process, so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  We decided that we were not going to tell anyone that I was going through this process, the only people who knew were my parents and a very few close friends.  The reason we kept it so quite was because we had no clue what we were about to experience and the first thing people ask are questions…questions that I didn’t have answers to. 
I am not going to go into the whole IVF process because it was a month long.  To give you an idea what an IVF patient has to deal with…here is what I went through…3 shots a day in my stomach, one large needle in my hip every other day, bottles of oral meds, daily blood draws and internal ultrasounds, my ovaries getting so big they felt like they wanted to explode, extremely nauseous, tender breasts, insomnia, bladder infections and just being an emotional mess and crying all the time.  If there is someone out there who is going through the process or about to and wants to talk about it, please feel free to email me.  I know I wish I had someone that I could have spoken with beforehand to know what I was getting myself into.  I didn’t have the best experience, but I know it wasn’t the worst either from other stories I have heard of.
So I am going to fast forward a month to the day we found out the results.  My husband and I have been trying for 4 years now to get pregnant, so this day was extremely nerve racking.  We had to go in 8am to get the blood draw and had to wait till 3:30 that afternoon to get the results.  At first the results weren’t great…it was positive but according to the doctors, not a very strong positive.  For another week we had to go into the doctors for more blood draws and finally after a few days we got the call that I had a strong pregnancy reading!  We were so excited…it actually felt very surreal.  I guess for 4 years always hearing no, finally getting a yes doesn’t seem real. 
We had to continue going to the doctor’s to monitor the HCG numbers.  For awhile it was going great…the numbers were going up and everything was looking good.  I don’t remember the day exactly but I went back to the clinic and I remember being really happy and feeling calm.  They took my blood like usual and I went home to wait for the results…again like every other time.  When I got the call I was feeling very positive, but when I answered I could tell the nurse was not happy.  My numbers had gone down.  The nurse was trying to remain hopeful but finally I asked her to be straight with me and I asked “Am I going to miscarry?” and her answer was “Yes.”
This was about one week ago.  The miscarriage happened pretty fast as I am still going through it.  I am very blessed that it happened early, since I know that there our women out there who miscarry later on.  Luckily, I knew it was coming so I could prepare myself for the physical pain.  What I am having a hard time with is the emotional pain.  I have a support system around me, but inside I do not know how to deal with it.  How am I suppose to grieve?  Move on when I still feel physical pain? 
I have already cried for myself, but I think the part I am having a really hard time getting over is that I was so excited to FINALLY give my husband a child, my mom another grandbaby, and my sister in law a niece/nephew.  I feel that if I cannot provide a child, am I good enough on my own?  What if we never have kids…am I enough?
I am in my early 30's, I know that I am not old, but I am not getting any younger either.  And I know that I need another year or two to get over this IVF process because it was very traumatizing, it was a year and a half ago that we did the last IUI.  This IVF made the IUI look like taking candy from a baby! J
And the financial part is not easy either.  To do another IVF or even adopt would be another $10,000.  We had to be creative to find the money to do this IVF.
Another reason I feel blessed is through all this pain, I am not angry at God.  On my good days, I still believe everything happens for a reason, but every now and then I have a bad day.  And on those days, I am not angry, just sad.  I was so close to having something that I have desired for so long and it was taken away very quickly.  These are the days I am struggling with…which I guess is normal right?  Again I have heard stories where women have really suffered and being through more pain than I have.  And if this pregnancy was not suppose to last, then I am happy it ended quickly.  And maybe if I got pregnant naturally and I miscarried early, it wouldn’t of been such a big deal.  But adding the IVF to all of this, you just ask yourself “why does it have to be so tough?” 
I am hoping by writing this that someone out there understands what I have been through or sees that they are not going through this alone.  I also hope that this helps me grieve somehow…that I can move on and keep creating my future with my husband.  That no matter what challenges we face, that we have each other along with our friends and family.
Again if this is something you have gone through, I would love to hear your story.  I always heal by hearing other people’s stories and how they got through tough times.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Once upon a Crimson night...MY EMMY RED CARPET REVIEW!

Was it just me last night or were you also see RED all over the Emmy Red Carpet?  Watching the red carpet of any award show is always a favorite past time of mine. This year, I loved seeing the different shades of red…very old Hollywood.  Here are some of my favorite REDS that I was loving last night….

I have been all over the entertainment news this morning looking at all the dresses and some of my all time non-red favorites were….
Heidi…at first I wasn’t sure about this dress and then I kept looking at it and decided I loved it, especially after I found out it was made by Christian Siriano (I love his work).  And I love this color against Heidi's skin.
Jennifer…this was her first red carpet appearance since her split with husband and Dexter co-star, Michael C. Hall…and I think she looked STUNNING in this Tony Ward sequined dress.  Love the neckline, color and slit down the dress.
Kelly…I loved Kelly in this burgundy J. Mendel gown.  I think it showed off her figure and color was amazing for her skin tone.  I also loved her hair and makeup!
Sofia…This dress was one of my all time favs…love the shape and the color but most of all I was drooling over her earrings!!!  She has such an amazing shape, she looks good in anything but really picked a winner in this Vera Wang gown!
Now to my personal WORST dress…

Paula…at first I thought it was just a bad camera shot, then throughout the night I noticed it was intentional…the top of her dress is crooked.  And when she was on the podium with Ryan Seacrest, I was wondering what she had been drinking.  She just can’t get it right.
Gwyneth…I think if this dress had been once piece throughout and not have the mid section, I would have loved it. I love the top and the bottom…the middle part just isn’t doing it for me.
Dianne…I feel she is too young for this dress…right when I saw it I thought it would look beautiful on Julianne Moore, but on Dianne, it does nothing for her body.
Julianna…my oh my…this morning when I woke up and started looking at other blogs it seems that this dress is a big hit.  Not my cup of tea…what is with the big crystals on her top and then it is too tight on the bottom with way too much fabric.  From the look of it, it needs to be 2 inches shorter.  I would trip on that in a heartbeat.
NOW one of my all time favorites and unfortunately I did not see her make it on TV…Kandee Johnson!  I mention her on my Facebook and even in my blogs…she is one of my biggest inspirations!  And last night she attended the Emmys and walked the Red Carpet…in Kandee style!  I love her style and her so much!

Who was on your BEST and WORST dressed lists?
I am looking forward to this year’s award season and cannot wait to see what the stars will be wearing at the Oscars!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


I found this great article in InStyle Magazine and thought it was very useful as to when we should throw away our makeup and creams.  I know that different experts have different ideas as to when we should get rid of old makeup, but I thought this article gave a good general suggestion on when to throw out the old and bring in the new…

Nail Polish: 1 Year
THE REASON: With proper storage, expect polish to last up to one year. "Start examining it after nine months for color fading or separation," says cosmetic chemist Ni'Kita Wilson. "That's when you can tell that it won't go on as smoothly."

Mascara: 3 Months
THE REASON: When mascara dries out or gets clumpy, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, says optometrist Jennifer Giermek of N.Y.C.'s Naked Eye Optical. Discard immediately if you get an eye infection. "Reusing the brush can cause recurrences," she says.

Sunscreen: 1 Year
THE REASON: Sunscreen is often labeled with an expiration date, but feel free to slather it on up to a year after opening, as long as it hasn't "separated, changed in smell, or become discolored," says Dr. Graf. "Trust your eyes and nose."

Face Creams: 1 Year
THE REASON: "If the cream is in a jar, your fingers can introduce bacteria, so toss it after six to nine months, 12 months if it's in a pump," says Wilson. "Be sure to keep alpha-hydroxy creams tightly sealed or they can get more concentrated and cause irritation."

Fragrance: 2 Years
THE REASON: "Each spritz lets more air into the bottle," says Roger Spain of Belle-Aire Fragrance. "This causes oxidation and slightly changes the scent—but it's still fine to use."



Thursday, July 21, 2011

Product Review...Benefit They're Real Mascara!!!

A couple weeks ago, I was in Sephora buying some products and I had enough points on my card to receive one of their free sample products.  One of them was Benefits new They’re Real mascara ($22)…and…I LOVE it!!!

The brush was very easy to work with. The tip of the brush makes it very easy to reach those inner lashes without smudging.  It delivered product evenly and made it very easy to apply mascara to the bottom lashes without making a mess. I like the length of the wand and made application easy.  I had no problem with clumping but I would recommend only applying a few coats.  
The mascara gives a lot of volume and length and I love the great curl it adds, which gave a very eye-opening effect.  I am very impressed by this mascara and plan on buying it again when I run out of my sample!  I wear it every day!  I would definitely recommend this mascara to my friends!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I hope everyone had an amazing and safe 4th of July weekend!  Mine was exactly what I needed…fun and relaxing.
Recently I have been addicted to experimenting with bright colorful eyeliners.  I decided to try a couple different brands to see which one I liked the most and then was like…duh…PRODUCT REVIEW TIME!!!
I tried 3 different ones…Makeup Forever Aqua Liners, Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On, and Sephora Nano Liner.  I took some pictures of my makeup and forgive me, my camera is not the best, but it gives you an idea of how I wear them.  Here are my thoughts on all 3…

MAKEUP FOREVER AQUA EYES - $18…I bought this color in Gold 9L.  I love that this liner is waterproof and it stays on all day!  I didn’t have to touch up at all.  The pigment shows its true color and goes on very smooth.  It came off very easily with my eye makeup remover and I did not find anything about this liner that I disagreed with.  Worth the price!!!

URBAN DECAY 24/7 GLIDE ON EYE - $18…I bought this color in Flipside and I LOVE IT!!!  Turquoise is one of my favorite colors right now so maybe that is why I love it but this seemed to be my favorite one.  Goes on very smooth and colors are very bright and rich!  Again came off very easy at the end of the day.  I will be buying this one again…I wish I could get all the colors!
SEPHORA NANO EYELINER - $5…I bought this color in 20 Wild Spirit.  The liner goes on very smooth and is buildable.  I did find that it smudged throughout the day and need to be reapplied a couple times.  But you cannot beat the price, so if you can deal with some touch ups this is a good liner. 
My favorites were of course the Makeup Forever Aqua and the Urban Decay Glide On…I loved both of these and will buy more colors.  I love adding pops of colors to my daily routine especially for summer!
Here is a quote to leave you with…Know that most of the best things if life come after making the most difficult choices, and doing the hardest things, and taking the biggest risks.....HAPPY TUESDAY LADIES!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get out of your COMFORT ZONE!!!

It has been a couple weeks since I last blogged.  Work has really picked up and I LOVE my job so that has been such a blessing.  Once a year, my mom and I take a trip together, and last week we went to Las Vegas for a couple days.  I might actually do a blog on Las Vegas soon, since I was married there and seem to go there quite often.  I always have people asking me what restaurants, shows and shops to go to...so I might just put it in a blog.  Let me know if that is something you’re interested in reading.

But between all the work and fun, the reason I have not blogged, is I have been trying to sort my thoughts out with where I want my career and dreams to go.  And with all the thoughts, I have been putting fear and doubt in my head.  Yesterday I think I finally had a break through.

I have a friend right now who is starting her own business and it has taken off and she and I are always trying to encourage each other.  And every time I am encouraging her I am getting mad at myself because I am not listening to my own advice.  It is so easy for me to encourage people but why can’t I encourage myself?  Why am I not putting my own advice into action?  I think putting words into actions is the most difficult task to do...stepping out of my comfort zone is not something I have had to do a lot.  But I think it is time and it is time to start practicing what I preach to all my friends.

So I decided that I am going to start my day with great intentions.  I am going to get past the fear that says that I am not worthy to have the life that I desire to have.  I have to remember that things and people don't come knocking on my door and what I can imagine I can conceive. I need to act on what is in MY head, believe what I envision and dream big.  Face my fears of success and failure and understand that both are used to mature me.

What advice do you have when someone has fears or doubts?  I would love to hear them!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Recently I attended a Get Motivated Seminar which had some great speakers...Colin Powell, Steve Forbes, Bill Cosby, Howard Putnam (President of Southwest Airlines, and some successful business leaders.

There were so many tips and lessons I learned but I think the most important one I learned how to position myself in my personal life, my finances and in my business.

Do you find yourself asking why you have not achieved the professional success that you desire?  Does it seem that peers, friends, and family members all around you are speedily moving in their careers and you remain stagnant in your own? You may often read the paper or listen to the headline news regarding the many deals and partnerships that corporations and small businesses gain on a daily basis.  If your personal brand is not making any headway, it is time to ask yourself if you are properly positioning yourself.  I learned that doing just one thing a day that advances your career will make a huge difference in a year.  Making a phone call, talking to a mentor, passing out flyers...it will all lead to the end goal...doing what you love and achieving your dreams.

My point here is this: deals are happening all over the place.  Opportunities are endless even in this economy.  Are you leveraging yourself enough to sit at the table to deal your hand of cards?  I read an interesting quote this morning from, a PR Guru, she said, “If you are in a room and no one remembers that you were even there, it is a waste of your face in the place."   I thought about that.  She made a great point.  How many times have we been in THE place and not made ourselves, credentials, skill set, or personality known?  How many times have we silenced our own voice because of intimidation and missed what could have been a great opportunity? 

Here is the art of the deal: If you don't believe in the product of you, it won’t sell and you will be just another person with great ideas and excellent skills that no one knows anything about.  Get your head out of the clouds and OPEN YOUR MOUTH!  I am talking to myself as well.  Look at your hand, pick your best card and get in the game. 

These Get Motivated Seminars travel around the country, if they are ever in your city...go to one!  The tickets are only $2 and you get to hear from the best of the best!



Sunday, June 5, 2011

Product Review on CREST 2 HOUR WHITESTRIPS!!!

I love having white teeth…just like everyone else!  I recently read a product review on the Crest 2 Hour Express Whitestrips and decided to try it.  Afterwards I thought it would be a good idea to do my own review.
So let’s start with the pros…
Very easy to use and I was waiting for burning or foaming and there was none of that.  The strips stuck to your teeth very well and I never had to readjust them.  During the 2 hours, I was able to do anything which was nice.  The results were AMAZING!  I really saw a huge difference…I forgot to take a before picture…so I took a picture with the strips on and then when I was done so at least you can see the results (I do not know why the camera took the picture in different lighting so I tried to do my best to show actual results).
On to the cons…
So because of bad bleaching in the past…I have really sensitive teeth…at first I was so surprised that my teeth didn’t hurt during the 2 hour process.  I thought I was in the clear, but then a few hours after I took the strips off, the pain came.  It was pretty bad…I had to take Tylenol…and that didn’t help much either.  I couldn’t drink anything cold or anything hot.  But the next morning when I woke up the pain was pretty much gone. 
So since you only have to do this once every 3 months, will I do it again?  Probably…I am so happy with the results!!!
If you have sensitive teeth and do not do well with the pain…then I wouldn’t suggest using this product but if you can handle pain, then get ready for some white teeth! 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Running out of MOTIVATION???

I always feel so up and down all the time when it comes to life and my business.  There are weeks that I am on a roll and accomplishing so much and then there are other weeks where I am having the hardest time getting up.  At first I thought something was wrong with me, but then I realized talking to other people, that this is normal. 

Even the most motivated individual can find themselves unmotivated at time. It happens. No one is the energizer bunny at all times. This is why it is essential that we take time to regroup and recharge. You can get motivated and back to your creative, active self in no time. Here are some ways to get you started.

1. Focus on one thing. Our minds can become cluttered when we have more than one goal that we are trying to accomplish. Prioritize. Rome was not built in one day. One goal at a time. All that matters is that you accomplish them. You do not have to accomplish them all at one time. 

2. Get out of the house. Getting away from your normal environment can help tremendously. You never know where you will be inspired. A walk through the park or going to an art exhibit or perhaps a quiet lunch at a cafe will spark a few creative lights. 

3. Get around motivating people. Good energy attracts good energy. Get out of the notion of being alone and get around individuals that support you and your vision. There is nothing like a good pep talk to help us feel better about ourselves.  Feeling great always lead to great results.

4. Get excited. You are alive, correct? Then get excited about you, your goals, and your vision. It will all manifest itself positively because you are doing the work. 

5. Forget the negative and run the positive. You may not be at the stage that you wish, buy you are farther along than a week prior or even a year prior. Success is in the process. You have to give yourself credit for the work that you have put in this far. 

My trainer at my gym always tells me to DIG DEEP when I am having a hard time getting through a work out.  I have to remind myself to also DIG DEEP when it comes to my business.  Let's work together and inspire one another to DIG DEEP and find that motivation!



Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What is your BEST suncreen?

Summer is coming and it is that time a year that we need to start looking for the best sunscreen that fits our skin. It is so important that we protect our skin from those UVA and UVB rays.  I know that in the past I was never concerned about the sun and now I am seeing the affects!  I wish I could go back 10 or 20 years from now and protect myself!  Here are 6 sunscreens that are both affordable and really do a great job at protecting your skin…

Best All-Around Protection
Scientists recently discovered that UVA and UVB rays affect the skin topically and internally, actually breaking down cell structure. This new formulation offers stable, broad spectrum protection in the form of the patented HelioPlex360™, which also contains a serious blend of super antioxidants to fight consequent cellular damage.
Neutrogena Spectrum and Sunblock lotion SPF 55, $12; at

Best Anti-Aging
Manhattan dermatologist Francesca Fuscu recommends applying a facial sunscreen with SPF 30 under makeup everyday. But if you're already applying an anti-aging product, an extra layer of lotion can start to feel excessive. Look for a two-in-one formula which blocks rays and repairs existing damage with a powerful cocktail of antioxidants.
Olay Professional Pro-Xage Repair lotion, $42; at

Best for Sensitive Skin
Many women skip sunscreen because it inflames their skin— which isn't worth the hassle if they're just sitting in an office all day anyway. Not so: According to Santa Monica dermatologist Ava Shamban, that's all the more reason to stay protected. "UVA rays penetrate glass," she says. "If you feel the heat of the sun on your skin, shut the blinds." Even better, choose an oil-free lotion with encapsulated sunscreen, which has fewer chemical irritants than other formulas.
Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30, $37; at

Best Heavy-Duty Protection
Before you face a day of outdoor sports, start with a thorough application of a heavy-duty, SPF 80 or 90 lotion at home. A spray-on formula is ideal for on-the-go touch-ups, but carefully applied cream formulas provide a solid base.
Coppertone Ultraguard waterproof sunscreen SPF 90+, $9; at

Best for Sporty Types
If you tend to sweat off your sunscreen, look for products with a water/sweat-resistance formula and a touch of menthol. It will keep you cool, dry and safe.
Ocean Potion Cool Dry Touch Sport SPF 50 sunscreen, $8; at

Best Tinted Face Lotion
"Put at least 1½ teaspoons of sunscreen on your face. You need a lot more than you think," says dermatologist Leslie Baumann. A generous dollop of this lightly tinted cream provides sheer coverage and potent sun protection.
Dr. Brandt UV SPF 30 Face Tinted sunscreen, $35; at

Remember to protect your beautiful face!!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Want some BRIGHT COLORFUL LIPS this Spring???

If you see my daily, then you know that I loving hot pink lips right now!  When I go to the makeup store, it is like my eyes go straight to the lipsticks to see if they have came out with any new bright pink colors.  I was so bummed because when MAC came out with the Wonder Woman collection, I fell in love with one of their lipsticks but I was too late and it sold out!  I still cannot get that color out of my head so I have been trying to recreate it.
Before I put on any bright color of lipstick I always apply Laura Geller Lip Spackle ($24) first!  I learned about this product this from Kandee Johnson and I love it.  It prevents your lipstick from bleeding or changing colors.  I carry one in my purse at all times and in my makeup kit for my clients.
What I am using right now is two colors…first I apply Mac Cherry Lipliner ($13.00) and outline my lips and then also blend in the color on my lips so I don’t have a harsh line.  Then I apply Mac Girl About Town Lipstick ($14.50) over the liner and press together and you get that perfect HOT PINK lip! 
I have done a nude eye and a smokey eye and it seems to work with both, even though I prefer the nude eye, especially for spring. 
Some other colors that I really want to try but haven’t had the chance are…
Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in REBELLE ($32)
Dior Addict in DIORKISS ($28)
Yves Saint Laurent in ROSE CULTE ($34)

Here is a pic of my dog, Good Time Sammy, with a lasting lip mark of my love!
Hope your summer is filled with hot pink lips!!!

Friday, May 27, 2011


Summer is coming and I love having that fresh, flawless face when going to the beach or out with my friends on those sunny days!  During the summer, I do not like to spend a huge amount of time on my makeup because I want to get out and be in the sun has much as I can.  Some celebrities that I think always have that sun kissed look are Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry and Lauren Conrad.  I do not know what they personally use for makeup products but I try to duplicate their summer looks.  Here are some products I use to get that beachy, sun-kissed look…
I always conceal first no matter what…around my nose, under my eyes and on top of my eye lids, wherever I tend to get the most hormonally red.  I really like Cover FX concealer ($27) or Laura Mercier Undercover Pot ($34) or Secret Camouflage ($28).
I use two different kinds of foundation, depending on how much coverage I need for the day.  I love Makeup Forever HD Foundation ($40)…when achieving the beach look, I really only use a little…only enough to cover my flaws.  If I am having a better day with less flaws (trust me, it can change from day to the next) then I will use a tinted moisturizer.  I like Cover FX Tinted Moisturizer ($42) or Mac Studio Moisture Tint ($29.50).  I still use concealer with both options, but I prefer the tinted moisturizer in the summer because it gives you less of a heavy look.
I always use bronzer to contour my face and add some depth.  I love Mac Blunt Cheek Blush ($19.50).  I bronze around my hair line on my forehead and then I use the side of my contour brush and bronze right below my cheek bone to define and chisel my face.  Any bronzer would create the same effect.
When I want to glow I use a lighter blush…usually Well Dressed by Mac ($19.50).  But any color that is similar will work.  There are plenty drugstore brands that have the same color.  I use my blush brush and lightly sweep over my cheek bones and then I make sure I get the apple of my cheeks so when I smile I have rosy cheeks.

An illuminator is what is going to achieve the “glow” you are looking for.  I use Shell Cream Colour Base ($16.50) when I am more tan and when I am less tan I use the color Pearl.  I carry both in my makeup kit because I really like it as a highlighter, it sinks into my skin nicely instead of sitting on it and I love the shimmer it leaves on my skin, it's not too much or too little.  I place it right above my cheek bone where I place the blush, down the center of my nose and I will even use it on my lid below my eyebrow.

Eye Shadow

I usually keep the eye shadow very basic, I might put the Shell Cream Colour Base to add some dewiness or a gold bronze color like Mac Goldmine or Gorgeous Gold ($14.50) to sweep some color to lower half of my lid.


I usually do not wear eyeliner with this look but if it is something you cannot live without, here are my suggestions.  Use Mac Penultimate ($17.50) and just use a thin line over the top (I never put it on the bottom) but if you like it on the bottom I suggest going very lightly and then smudge it out so it looks more natural.  Over the liquid liner I press Mac Smolder Eye Pencil ($14.50) to lock in the liquid and smooth out any ripples.  Also if you are going to the beach or pool, I would use a waterproof liner so then it doesn’t run.  There are plenty of waterproof liners out there that will work the same.


Again if you are going to be near or going in water, then I would use waterproof mascara.  I really love Waterproof Bad Girl Lash from Benefit ($9 - $19).  But again you can find a cheaper waterproof version in any drug store.  I always add two coats to my upper lashes to get the depth but then only one coat on my bottom lashes so they look softer.


I love lip gloss that just adds a hint of color.  I like most people love Mac Lip glass in Pink Lemonade ($14.50) and also if you want a cheap version, I love Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss (4 for $20).  They both give you a soft shiny lip that tops off the look.

You do not have to use just these products to achieve this look, you can find similar and more affordable ones in the drugstore and Sephora…this is just what I use.  But I love it and it always makes me fresh and flawless!  This looks can literally take under 10 minutes to do so you have more time to enjoy the sun and not look like you spent hours on your face!