Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What is your BEST suncreen?

Summer is coming and it is that time a year that we need to start looking for the best sunscreen that fits our skin. It is so important that we protect our skin from those UVA and UVB rays.  I know that in the past I was never concerned about the sun and now I am seeing the affects!  I wish I could go back 10 or 20 years from now and protect myself!  Here are 6 sunscreens that are both affordable and really do a great job at protecting your skin…

Best All-Around Protection
Scientists recently discovered that UVA and UVB rays affect the skin topically and internally, actually breaking down cell structure. This new formulation offers stable, broad spectrum protection in the form of the patented HelioPlex360™, which also contains a serious blend of super antioxidants to fight consequent cellular damage.
Neutrogena Spectrum and Sunblock lotion SPF 55, $12; at

Best Anti-Aging
Manhattan dermatologist Francesca Fuscu recommends applying a facial sunscreen with SPF 30 under makeup everyday. But if you're already applying an anti-aging product, an extra layer of lotion can start to feel excessive. Look for a two-in-one formula which blocks rays and repairs existing damage with a powerful cocktail of antioxidants.
Olay Professional Pro-Xage Repair lotion, $42; at

Best for Sensitive Skin
Many women skip sunscreen because it inflames their skin— which isn't worth the hassle if they're just sitting in an office all day anyway. Not so: According to Santa Monica dermatologist Ava Shamban, that's all the more reason to stay protected. "UVA rays penetrate glass," she says. "If you feel the heat of the sun on your skin, shut the blinds." Even better, choose an oil-free lotion with encapsulated sunscreen, which has fewer chemical irritants than other formulas.
Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30, $37; at

Best Heavy-Duty Protection
Before you face a day of outdoor sports, start with a thorough application of a heavy-duty, SPF 80 or 90 lotion at home. A spray-on formula is ideal for on-the-go touch-ups, but carefully applied cream formulas provide a solid base.
Coppertone Ultraguard waterproof sunscreen SPF 90+, $9; at

Best for Sporty Types
If you tend to sweat off your sunscreen, look for products with a water/sweat-resistance formula and a touch of menthol. It will keep you cool, dry and safe.
Ocean Potion Cool Dry Touch Sport SPF 50 sunscreen, $8; at

Best Tinted Face Lotion
"Put at least 1½ teaspoons of sunscreen on your face. You need a lot more than you think," says dermatologist Leslie Baumann. A generous dollop of this lightly tinted cream provides sheer coverage and potent sun protection.
Dr. Brandt UV SPF 30 Face Tinted sunscreen, $35; at

Remember to protect your beautiful face!!!

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