Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Recently I attended a Get Motivated Seminar which had some great speakers...Colin Powell, Steve Forbes, Bill Cosby, Howard Putnam (President of Southwest Airlines, and some successful business leaders.

There were so many tips and lessons I learned but I think the most important one I learned how to position myself in my personal life, my finances and in my business.

Do you find yourself asking why you have not achieved the professional success that you desire?  Does it seem that peers, friends, and family members all around you are speedily moving in their careers and you remain stagnant in your own? You may often read the paper or listen to the headline news regarding the many deals and partnerships that corporations and small businesses gain on a daily basis.  If your personal brand is not making any headway, it is time to ask yourself if you are properly positioning yourself.  I learned that doing just one thing a day that advances your career will make a huge difference in a year.  Making a phone call, talking to a mentor, passing out flyers...it will all lead to the end goal...doing what you love and achieving your dreams.

My point here is this: deals are happening all over the place.  Opportunities are endless even in this economy.  Are you leveraging yourself enough to sit at the table to deal your hand of cards?  I read an interesting quote this morning from, a PR Guru, she said, “If you are in a room and no one remembers that you were even there, it is a waste of your face in the place."   I thought about that.  She made a great point.  How many times have we been in THE place and not made ourselves, credentials, skill set, or personality known?  How many times have we silenced our own voice because of intimidation and missed what could have been a great opportunity? 

Here is the art of the deal: If you don't believe in the product of you, it won’t sell and you will be just another person with great ideas and excellent skills that no one knows anything about.  Get your head out of the clouds and OPEN YOUR MOUTH!  I am talking to myself as well.  Look at your hand, pick your best card and get in the game. 

These Get Motivated Seminars travel around the country, if they are ever in your city...go to one!  The tickets are only $2 and you get to hear from the best of the best!



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