Thursday, June 2, 2011

Running out of MOTIVATION???

I always feel so up and down all the time when it comes to life and my business.  There are weeks that I am on a roll and accomplishing so much and then there are other weeks where I am having the hardest time getting up.  At first I thought something was wrong with me, but then I realized talking to other people, that this is normal. 

Even the most motivated individual can find themselves unmotivated at time. It happens. No one is the energizer bunny at all times. This is why it is essential that we take time to regroup and recharge. You can get motivated and back to your creative, active self in no time. Here are some ways to get you started.

1. Focus on one thing. Our minds can become cluttered when we have more than one goal that we are trying to accomplish. Prioritize. Rome was not built in one day. One goal at a time. All that matters is that you accomplish them. You do not have to accomplish them all at one time. 

2. Get out of the house. Getting away from your normal environment can help tremendously. You never know where you will be inspired. A walk through the park or going to an art exhibit or perhaps a quiet lunch at a cafe will spark a few creative lights. 

3. Get around motivating people. Good energy attracts good energy. Get out of the notion of being alone and get around individuals that support you and your vision. There is nothing like a good pep talk to help us feel better about ourselves.  Feeling great always lead to great results.

4. Get excited. You are alive, correct? Then get excited about you, your goals, and your vision. It will all manifest itself positively because you are doing the work. 

5. Forget the negative and run the positive. You may not be at the stage that you wish, buy you are farther along than a week prior or even a year prior. Success is in the process. You have to give yourself credit for the work that you have put in this far. 

My trainer at my gym always tells me to DIG DEEP when I am having a hard time getting through a work out.  I have to remind myself to also DIG DEEP when it comes to my business.  Let's work together and inspire one another to DIG DEEP and find that motivation!



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