Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Product Review...Dr. Brandt PORES NO MORE!!!

I have been on the hunt for a great moisturizer/hydrator for the past couple months.  The problem with my skin is that I am oily so I have to be careful on what products I use, because if they have the slightest oil, well then I am a lost cause. 
About a week ago, I bought Dr. Brandt Pores No More Anti-Aging Mattifying lotion (WOW that’s a long name!) and I really like it!  I always give myself a week to try a product to see how it reacts with my skin.  So far I am impressed, it has done a good job on keeping the oils stable and at the same time my skin feels hydrated.  And of course, I love anything that is we will see if that works over time.  I also like the texture and smell, I feel like I am in a spa when I put it on.  It is very lightweight and does not have a greasy feel. You only need one pump to get full coverage so hopefully it will last a long time. 
As of now, this product gets an A+!

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