Monday, May 9, 2011


When I decided that I was going to chase this dream of mine, I was looking into makeup schools to attend.  Very quickly I learned that I was not going to be able to go to one because of distance and funds.  So I started looking for classes that I could take that wouldn’t take me away from home for long periods at a time.  I, like many others, went straight to YouTube and was hooked when I found Kandee Johnson!  In one of her videos, she mentioned her friend, Thomas Surprenant, who taught with a local company that held workshops around the nation.  I looked him up and signed up for his next class which was going to be in San Francisco.  I was so excited and nervous because I had no clue what to expect.  Let’s just say, meeting Thom was life changing and he made me realize I could have a career as a makeup artist. 

Thom has an extensive background...I don’t even know where to begin. In the course of his career Thomas has been nominated for two Emmy awards.  In 1995, for his work on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, he won the Emmy for “Outstanding Individual Achievement in Makeup”.   Thom has been part of two Academy Award-winning makeup crews.  Most recently he has worked on X-Men 3, Vacancy, and Big Fish. He has provided special prosthetic paint for The Santa Claus 1-3, The Scorpion King, Terminator 3, and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

Google his name and you will find everything there is to know about him.  But I think what impressed me aside from his credits, was his fun loving personality, his knowledge on the industry and how after meeting you once, you are his friend and you can call him anytime.  I never wanted the class to end because I wanted to hear all the stories he had to tell and I wanted to soak up everything he had to teach.

And now the next chapter in his life has started and I am so excited…he is finally starting his own makeup school… Thomas E. Surprenant Academy of Makeup Artistry!   I cannot wait to be able to attend one of his classes again!  Thom is also working on his own makeup line, which I am really excited to try and use when it is available. 

I suggest that if you are like me, and cannot afford to go to makeup school and you want to be taught by one of the best, that you attend of one the classes taught by Thom.  You will not regret it and in the end you will have so much more knowledge on makeup and the industry.  And best of all you will have a new friend and mentor!



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