Friday, May 27, 2011


Summer is coming and I love having that fresh, flawless face when going to the beach or out with my friends on those sunny days!  During the summer, I do not like to spend a huge amount of time on my makeup because I want to get out and be in the sun has much as I can.  Some celebrities that I think always have that sun kissed look are Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry and Lauren Conrad.  I do not know what they personally use for makeup products but I try to duplicate their summer looks.  Here are some products I use to get that beachy, sun-kissed look…
I always conceal first no matter what…around my nose, under my eyes and on top of my eye lids, wherever I tend to get the most hormonally red.  I really like Cover FX concealer ($27) or Laura Mercier Undercover Pot ($34) or Secret Camouflage ($28).
I use two different kinds of foundation, depending on how much coverage I need for the day.  I love Makeup Forever HD Foundation ($40)…when achieving the beach look, I really only use a little…only enough to cover my flaws.  If I am having a better day with less flaws (trust me, it can change from day to the next) then I will use a tinted moisturizer.  I like Cover FX Tinted Moisturizer ($42) or Mac Studio Moisture Tint ($29.50).  I still use concealer with both options, but I prefer the tinted moisturizer in the summer because it gives you less of a heavy look.
I always use bronzer to contour my face and add some depth.  I love Mac Blunt Cheek Blush ($19.50).  I bronze around my hair line on my forehead and then I use the side of my contour brush and bronze right below my cheek bone to define and chisel my face.  Any bronzer would create the same effect.
When I want to glow I use a lighter blush…usually Well Dressed by Mac ($19.50).  But any color that is similar will work.  There are plenty drugstore brands that have the same color.  I use my blush brush and lightly sweep over my cheek bones and then I make sure I get the apple of my cheeks so when I smile I have rosy cheeks.

An illuminator is what is going to achieve the “glow” you are looking for.  I use Shell Cream Colour Base ($16.50) when I am more tan and when I am less tan I use the color Pearl.  I carry both in my makeup kit because I really like it as a highlighter, it sinks into my skin nicely instead of sitting on it and I love the shimmer it leaves on my skin, it's not too much or too little.  I place it right above my cheek bone where I place the blush, down the center of my nose and I will even use it on my lid below my eyebrow.

Eye Shadow

I usually keep the eye shadow very basic, I might put the Shell Cream Colour Base to add some dewiness or a gold bronze color like Mac Goldmine or Gorgeous Gold ($14.50) to sweep some color to lower half of my lid.


I usually do not wear eyeliner with this look but if it is something you cannot live without, here are my suggestions.  Use Mac Penultimate ($17.50) and just use a thin line over the top (I never put it on the bottom) but if you like it on the bottom I suggest going very lightly and then smudge it out so it looks more natural.  Over the liquid liner I press Mac Smolder Eye Pencil ($14.50) to lock in the liquid and smooth out any ripples.  Also if you are going to the beach or pool, I would use a waterproof liner so then it doesn’t run.  There are plenty of waterproof liners out there that will work the same.


Again if you are going to be near or going in water, then I would use waterproof mascara.  I really love Waterproof Bad Girl Lash from Benefit ($9 - $19).  But again you can find a cheaper waterproof version in any drug store.  I always add two coats to my upper lashes to get the depth but then only one coat on my bottom lashes so they look softer.


I love lip gloss that just adds a hint of color.  I like most people love Mac Lip glass in Pink Lemonade ($14.50) and also if you want a cheap version, I love Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss (4 for $20).  They both give you a soft shiny lip that tops off the look.

You do not have to use just these products to achieve this look, you can find similar and more affordable ones in the drugstore and Sephora…this is just what I use.  But I love it and it always makes me fresh and flawless!  This looks can literally take under 10 minutes to do so you have more time to enjoy the sun and not look like you spent hours on your face!



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