Thursday, May 26, 2011


Think money can buy you everything? Well, personally I don't think it can. Nowadays, everything seems to cost money and it can get difficult if there is something you really need and cannot afford it.  So I thought it would be a great reminder on what money CANNOT buy...
  • ·         Passion: You can't pay someone to give you passion nor can you buy it. Passion comes from within and it is natural to those who follow their hearts. Ever hear of the expression, "do what you love and money will follow." All the money in the world won't buy you passion, but all the passion in the world will make you rich. 
  • ·         Belief. No matter how much money you earn, belief is earned not bought. 
  • ·         Loyalty. Devotion can't be bought neither is loyalty. Are the people around you also the same people that believe in you and encourage you to do better. Are your friends those who are with you no matter the circumstances? Does your family stick by you in the good and bad? Money might buy you many things, but never loyalty. 
  • ·         Success. You can only achieve success by doing what you love. 
  • ·         A piece of mind. It can only be gained by a loyal heart. 
  • ·         A funny joke. 
  • ·         Those unexpected bonds you share with your friends.
  • ·         Helping someone else succeed. Have you ever helped someone without asking, just because you want to or you love that person. These gestures can't be bought they are only given. 

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