Monday, March 14, 2011

Accessories! Accessories! Accessories!!!

I was going through and organizing all my accessories and realized I have tons of necklaces, earrings, scarves and the list can go on!  I LOVE accessories and I am always on the hunt for something different and fun!  I believe that accessories can change the whole vibe of your outfit AND your day.
Here are some of my all time favorites…
My mom JUST bought me these peacock rain boots and I love them!!!  Everyone knows I love peacocks so I was extremely excited to get these.  She got them at  I cannot wait to wear these!

My Supreme necklace…if you know me…you have seen me wear this plenty of times!   I got mine at  I usually wear this on days I want to add some spunk to my life, which has been almost every day lately!  I constantly get compliments on it!

The only watch I have is my Michael Kors watch…I worked hard for this so when I was able to afford it I was so excited!  I had been eyeing this watch for months and would go and look at it every time I was in Nordstroms.  I think the ladies at the counter recognized me by the time I bought it!  It is my favorite and I will have it for a long time!

I love roaming the accessories at Forever 21!  That place always makes me smile.  I know their jewelry doesn’t last forever but it is cheap and when I need a quick fix that is where I go.  I actually just bought the panda and elephant necklaces yesterday so I am excited to wear them.  I love anything that shines and adds some bling to my life.  The owl necklace was something I purchased awhile ago but I still love to wear it…it is really long and looks great with almost anything!

My feather earrings…I know that there are tons of feather earrings out there right now so it took me awhile to find the pair I exactly wanted.  I found these ones on Etsy ( and I wish I could remember who I got them from.  What I loved was that the teal popped off the black feathers! 

My friend, Tia Roberts, sells Cookie Lee jewelry and some of their pieces have become my all time favorites!!!  I wear the hoops almost daily…I love that they criss cross which adds some style.  I immediately fell in love with the bow necklace…isn’t it adorable!!!  I knew I had to have it.  And I just bought the long necklace with the starfish pendant…I can’t wait to get that!  Great for summer time!  She is going to be at the Spring Bling April 1st, so make sure you come and check out all her new stuff!!!  These are pieces I will have forever because they are such great quality!

I wish I could post all my favorites, but then this blog would turn into a novel…so I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my accessories closet! 

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