Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Cloudy Mirror

Often times, we cannot fully see who we are because our lens have been clouded by the opinions of others, ridicules of society, doubt of self, and past mistakes.  There is only one way to travel down the path of self-awareness and that is to see past the smoke that covers and hides the person from behind.  The hard part is having the willingness to work through all of the smoke that stands before us.

What are some of the things that have clouded your view of yourself?  Could they be past mistakes that you continue to persecute yourself over? Or perhaps you have the fogs of disappointments clouding your judgments and your mirror.  Can we go a little past the surface?  Could the lack of forgiveness be the reason why you can only see the outline of your image?  Let’s dig even further.  Are you the reason why you can’t see you?  Have you been the key force in hiding the real you?  Be honest.  Have you been less than accountable to yourself?

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  Serious times call for serious answers.  Get real with you, all of you, the failures, mistakes, hardships, trials, triumphs, wins and celebrations.  So you made some mistakes, who hasn’t?  So you have faced some serious hardships and trauma in your childhood.  Who hasn’t?  These things are apart of you; they are not the end result of you.  Be courageous.  Look at yourself in the mirror tonight.  Deal with every physical nuisance.  Allow yourself to come face to face with every mental pain.  Stop hiding.  Stop running.  Stop lying to you.  You have the power to flip that switch, embrace the total package of yourself and move on.  Try it.  You are waiting on you! 

By: Diana Bridgett

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