Tuesday, April 26, 2011

3 Steps To Make Your Dreams A Reality

I found this article yesterday and I loved it.  I thought it was a great reminder for those of us who are making our dreams become a reality!  I know for me I always run into hurdles and setbacks and getting through those can be so tough...so tough that sometimes I just want to give up.  Setbacks can be so many things from a financial issue, to a negative person trying to bring you down or just a mental block and you feel like you are in limbo.  I always have to remind myself that no one’s dreams ever come true over night and that you really have to work hard for them...the hardest you will ever have to work.  I hope that these 3 steps can help redirect you or just inspire you to keep going for what you want!

Step #1 – Eat Your Dreams for Breakfast 
The mornings are the best times to start working on your dream.  Your mind is fresh, peaceful and you are free of distractions. I always say work on those things that are most important to you first and then the rest of your day will be a piece of cake.  Not only are the mornings a great way to start the day, but working on your dreams before anything else will put you in a better place mentally and creatively for the remainder of the day. Most people forget to make the time for what is most important to them so they will always make excuses because they feel they don't have the time.  Even if you don't have time to work because you have a 9-5, wake up early take an extra 20 minutes to work on your dream, this will truly make all the difference in the world. Each day, no matter what else happens, you have a commitment and this is to make your dreams come true.

Step #2 – Ignore Negative People
When you receive negative feedback, remember, it doesn’t matter how many people don’t get it, it matters how many do. Remember no matter how much progress you make there will always be the people who insist that whatever you’re trying to do is impossible.  Or they may constantly suggest that the idea or dream as a whole is utterly ridiculous because nobody really cares.
When you come across these people, don’t try to reason with them.  Instead, forget that they exist.  They will only waste your time and energy.

Step #3 – Commit To Your Dream
The harder you work the luckier you will become.  Stop waiting around for things to work out.  If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’re getting.
While many of us decide at some point during the course of our lives that we want to answer our calling, only an astute few of us actually work on it.  By “working on it,” I mean truly devoting oneself to the end result.  The rest of us never act on our decision.  Or, at best, we pretend to act on it by putting forth an uninspired, half-assed effort.

Remember, life is not easy, especially when you plan on achieving something worthwhile.  Achieving your dreams can be a lot of work.  Be ready for it.



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Deaette said...

LOL but what if that NEGATIVE person is your husband? Yea that makes it hard but I ignore him because I know he is jealous and afraid I may succeed and then not need him anymore ;)