Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I get a lot of questions as to why there are peacock feathers on my website (www.annastinamakeupartist.com) and on my business cards.  When I decided to finally indulge on this crazy passion of mine as a makeup artist, I wanted it to be special.  I knew there were going to be times and times still ahead where I would question myself on why am I doing this and am I good enough.  There are some days I want to throw in the towel and put my head under my pillow and never come up.  Knowing myself, I knew that I would have days like these…and that is where the peacock feather comes in.

A couple years ago, I was going through some tough issues, and through that I found an amazing counselor.  I love her so much because even though she is nothing like me, she gets me.  I can’t fool her and she calls me out if I am wrong.  I love that!!!  About a year ago, I was getting out of a business venture and was feeling like a total failure.  One day in her office, she said something to me that at the time I did not know, but would be the foundation of my makeup career.  She asked me if I heard the analogy about Peacocks and Pigeons.

She said that there are usually two types of people in this world, there are the Peacocks and the Pigeons.  Pigeons are those who are very happy in their lives, they go to work, come home to friends and family, and then repeat the same thing the next day.  They are very content, stable and happy.  We need Pigeons to keep the world moving.  She said most people are Pigeons and are very happy being Pigeons.

Then there are the Peacocks.  Peacocks are those who push themselves and want to make a difference in people’s lives.  They are the ones that if they have a dream or a passion, they go for it, even if they fail.  Peacocks are constantly defining who they are and what they want to be.  They are usually never content because once they reach one dream, then another one becomes the object.  They tend to be stubborn because their dreams are so vivid and real. A Peacock loves to sparkle and be noticed but no one is born a Peacock.  When a baby peacock is born they are dull brown and yellow in appearance.  After they develop and mature, then they start to grow their colorful tail feathers.  Our tail feathers come with experience and learning how to deal with life situations. 

In the end she said “Annastina, you’re a Peacock”.

So when it came time to choose a website design and business cards, I knew it had to be the peacock feather because I needed something daily to remind me why I was on this path.

There are days that I have to deal with judgment or people who just don’t understand my dream and that’s okay.  Not everyone is going to get it or see my vision.  And on those days, when I want to go hide under my pillow and feel like a total failure, I have to remember that I am a Peacock and that there is a reason I am following this dream of mine.  The most successful people in this world failed 100 times before that one dream became a success and changed their lives.

If you are out there and following your passion and there are days you are feeling insecure, someone is making you feel less than or you just want to give up, remember that you are a Peacock and there is a plan for you, you just have to show your feathers and go for it! 



ps - When I tell this story to people I always get the question “Well what am I?  A Peacock or a Pigeon?” and I always answer with the same response…”Only you can decide which one you want to be, because the Pigeons love being Pigeons and the Peacocks love being Peacocks!”

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